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mark nickelsburg


New York, NY

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mark nickelsburg


Spawned from the womb of a mammal, Mark Nickelsburg was born, and when the nurse declared, “it’s a boy,” Mark said, “let’s say that one more time, but a little faster and more subtle.”

This passion for directing natural, funny, and memorable performances has led Mark to direct countless successful campaigns for Pizza Hut, Chase, Mountain Dew, Emerald Nuts and Florida Lottery, to name just a few.

Based in New York, his Swiss-watch-like sense of comedic timing began as commercial editor, cutting national campaigns at an early age. From this he also draws a strong visual sense and attention to detail, which comes in handy when you need to shoot three commercials but only have the celebrity for twenty minutes (true story).

As a director he has been featured in VARIETY, the NEW YORK TIMES, ADWEEK, TIME, FORTUNE, and the SHOOT Directors’ Issue, and has been the recipient of dozens of awards.

When he’s not directing spots, he writes and directs films that have been shown in the world’s top festivals like SXSW and Just for Laughs, released on Comedy Central, Canal+ and Funny or Die, and translated to so many languages that Mark no longer understands his own scripts.

Most of all, he believes in elevating the creative to realize the best of every idea, every step of the way. Mark is always asking, “how can this be even better?” which makes him an exceptional creative partner, and a terrible houseguest.

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