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daron keet


Los Angeles, CA

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daron keet


Originally from South Africa, Daron immigrated to the U.S. in 2001. Today, his critical eye and passionate sensibilities make him a well-sought-after director in the commercial world. He has been fortunate to work with many of the world's leading brands. His many years of on-the-job training as both a commercial and feature film cinematographer prior to transitioning to director, enable him to bring technical proficiency, clarity, and innovation to his easygoing, on-set approach.

Although he has been on film sets since 1990, Daron remains a kid at heart. He feels strongly that there’s something to be said for approaching every opportunity from a child's perspective, with joie de vivre. Daron gets excited about every new campaign as if it were his first, approaching it with fresh eyes to find the quintessential cinematic style, mood and emotional energy to best communicate the essence of the campaign’s message.

Daron uses casting sessions to ensure actors take well to his direction. It’s important to him to cast actors with the confidence to be vulnerable and work in an emotional way, so audiences will connect emotionally to his work.

Daron's latest work includes the Google commercial for the FIFA Women’s World Cup Canada 2015, the American Airlines Transcontinental Campaign and the Arizona’s SRP water campaign, lensed for both the English and Spanish markets. Daron was also commissioned to photograph the images for all of SRP’s billboards throughout Arizona.

His work has been described as European flair, others times as distinctly American—either way, the contradiction makes him happy.

“I don’t want my work categorized. It’s not about a particular style; it’s about the ability to transcend the expected, continually helping clients find the most compelling visual language for every unique story to stand out, and above all having audiences connect to the stories in an emotional way.”

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