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tamir moscovici


Toronto, ON

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tamir moscovici


Tamir Moscovici is an award-winning visual storyteller and documentary director who started his successful career directing shooting short films on super-8 in his basement.

As a child, Tamir was always passionate about film and photography, growing up in Toronto during the cinema boom he had access to film programs at Toronto’s famed Art Gallery of Ontario Art School where he was mentored by experimental filmmaker Philip Barker.

Tamir followed his passion for filmmaking attending Montreal’s Concordia University Film School. Following university Tamir spent the better part of a decade working in the camera department on films with cinema icons such as John Woo, David Cronenberg and other staples of the Toronto film community.

In addition to filmmaking Tamir has a passion for music which lead him to run an electronic independent record label, shooting music videos, documentaries and shorts during the late 90s and early 2000s. Tamir then turned his sites on the world of advertising. He combined his passion for the automotive sector, visual storytelling, music and documentary filmmaking break into the world of branded content, most notably with Urban Outlaw a short about an eclectic Porsche Collector Magnus Walker, then followed up with a Feature Documentary for Sony Entertainment about Kazunori Yamauchi the founder and creator of Playstation’s Gran Turismo.

Over the past decade Tamir has garnered a wealth of awards, including Cannes Lions, LIA, One Show, D&AD Impact Black Pencil, Kinsale Shark Awards, Clio, Game Marketing Awards, Marketing Awards and countless film festival merits and awards.

Recognized as one of the commercial industry’s leading visual directors, Tamir always enjoys collaborating and creating, looking to push boundaries and innovations.

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